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Tribal Executive Committee
Vacant - Executive Assistant
Mary J Norris- Chairperson                           email:
Tasheena Sloan- Vice-Chair                         email:
Kendra Campbell- Secretary-Treasurer       email:
Roberta Norris- Member at Large                 email:

Tribal Administration
Open                 - Tribal Administrator
Maria Anderson  - Secretary/Receptionist

Cahto Housing Authority
Cyndee Logan - Housing Director
Isabel Ramos- Occupancy Specialist/Occupancy Clerk
Trent Campbell- Maintenance Supervisor
Kurt Betts,Guillermo Ramos- Maintenance Workers

Tribal Fiscal Office
Lourance E. Hall   - Chief Financial Officer
Rachael Phillips- Fiscal Assistant

Environmental (EPA)
Emily Luscombe - EPA Director
Environmental Coordinator - Open
Vacant- EPA GAP Assistant
Fred Simmons- Environmental Technician

Tribal Police
Open        - Chief of Police
Jason Kerim Unluata- Tribal Police Officer

Native American Veterans
Robert Bell- Veterans Representative Service Officer
Harlin Mitchell- Veterans Representative Service Officer
ICWA/Social Services

Vacant - Education Consultant
Open   - Education Coordinator
Vacant- Education Assistant

Human Resource Department
Isabel Ramos, Human Resource Manager

Cahto Tribal Court
Joseph Wiseman- Chief Judge
Tania Martinez- Court Manager

Red Road
Annette Campbell    

Grants Manager / Administrative Support

Indain Child Welfare Program Director
Alfreda Villegas

Tribal Maintenance Workers
Janitor:  Annette Campbell

Tribal Contractor

Cahto Tribe Fire Department:  

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